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Ibiza Tarvel tips

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  • Arriving in Ibiza
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  • Main Attractions in Ibiza
  • Ibiza Shopping, Dining and Nightlife
  • Health Care in Ibiza
  • Ibiza Safety

Flights to Ibiza arrive at the Ibiza Airport, which is located only 7 km from the center of Ibiza Town. The airport caters to tourists with travel agency desks, tour guides, and duty-free shops, as well as the typical restaurants and cafés. There are banks with ATMs and a bureau de change, and guests have access to a pharmacy, first-aid clinic, and chapel.

Passengers arriving on Ibiza flights can hire special taxis or rental cars upon arrival. There are many online travel sites that offer cheap flights to Ibiza and special rates for vacation packages. You can usually save a significant amount of money on lodging and airfare to Ibiza by booking them together.

Local transportation is mostly by bus or taxi. While the fares are reasonable, it may be more advantageous to travel by foot when possible. The city is small enough to cover as a pedestrian, and it can be a faster method due to the congested traffic.

You can always rent a car, but the drivers in Ibiza are erratic and aggressive, and road construction is ongoing. If you have to rent, be sure to get the most comprehensive insurance coverage and use maps and GPS, if available. Since Ibiza is an island, you can access a lot of areas by boat as well.

Naturally, most activities on Ibiza involve the beach and the ocean. You can see the neighboring island of Formentera by boat, explore the intriguing rocky isle of Es Vedra, and wander in the vast caves of Cova de Can Marçà.

There is also a secret cove called “Atlantis” that only the locals know about, so you should brush up on your Spanish to find this hidden jewel. If you are lucky enough to visit during one of the local festivals you will enjoy a lot of colorful attractions like vendors and snake charmers as well as other street performers.

There are plenty of places to shop in Ibiza, whether you want local wares or crafts, clothing, or souvenirs. The ocean-side wharf is a great place to buy handmade items, herbs and produce, as well as prepared foods. Ibiza offers a variety of cuisine from around the globe, but two local treats you should sample are the cheese and mint flan called “flao” and a pastry confection called “ensaimada.”

Ibiza is known all over the world for its nightlife, and most pubs and bars offer their own specials, so you can party on the cheap when you visit this glorious island.

Public and private establishments across the island observe high standards of hygiene so there are few opportunities for health problems from bacterial or viral sources. Anyone unfortunate enough to take ill during their holiday will find a high standard of medical care on offer at the island’s hospitals and local clinics.

Visitors from the EU with valid European Health Insurance cards will benefit from free emergency treatment. All other visitors should ensure they have medical insurance.

Hospital Ca’n Misses (Ibiza Town): +34 971 397 000
Emergency services: 112

Ibiza is not considered a dangerous destination and the majority of tourists enjoy holidays here without experiencing anything untoward. There are petty criminals around, however, so do keep a close eye on your cash and valuable items in busy public places, and don’t leave anything of worth on balconies if your hotel room is on the ground floor as it’s not uncommon for opportunist thieves to steal clothes and other personal items.

Be aware that come night-time, many parts of the island give themselves over to revellers. While trouble is uncommon, the potential for violent encounters is higher at night due to the large amounts of alcohol being consumed.