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10 reasons to love ibiza at the autumn

The island residents and the lucky ones how have been there known that the autumn months are the favorite time on Ibiza.
We like to share our top 10 reasons why we love ibiza in the autumn.

1. The most beautiful sunsets

The scattered, fluffy clouds that autumn brings create some of the most dramatic backdrops imaginable to that most sublime Ibiza moment, the sunset.

2. The warm and sunny days

During the day it is still warm and sunny . The beaches, moreover, are quiet and peaceful with space galore. It’s the perfect time for walking, hiking, kayaking and other sporting activities.

3. The evenings are cool

Cool evenings are received with positively open arms during the autumn and winter months. The perfect time to enjoy  a romantic evening in front of the fireplace.

4. Quiet Roads

Getting around suddenly becomes an absolute joy as you cruise the wonderfully quiet roads.

5. Clubs and drinks are cheaper

Prices for drinks during autumn, winter and spring shrink by almost 50% and entrance is cheap or free.

6. November brings a profusion of wild flowers

For this reason, walking or driving in the Ibiza countryside at this time of year will richly reward you with vibrant colours, lush greenery and intoxicating aromas of the recently refreshed pine trees and wild herbs.

7. Wild mushroom season

The wild mushroom picking during the autumn is a long time tradition on the island.

8. The local cultural scene

The museums all remain open and the local town and village plazas are often to be found hosting colourful, live events of all kinds. One such event is the October Festival in San Antonio with its annual Flower Power party.

9. Much cheaper Hotels

The island is gorgeous, the prices are often half the price of high season and there’s still plenty to keep you fully occupied should you wish.

10. The restaurants and bars are remain open

This is the time to explore the real ibizan cusine.

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